Conversion of a barn 'Im Böndler'

Kilchberg, 2020

The barn on Böndlerstrasse in Kilchberg is a listed agricultural farm from 1876. The barn has been out of use for decades and is currently in serious decay. Therefore, the owner announced a competition seeking proposals for the renovation and conversion of the building for residential and commercial use.

The support structure, interior spaces and original fabric of the barn will be preserved as much as possible. As an architectural/structural intervention, an addition three-dimensional timber structure will be inserted into the existing barn. The new timber volume provides reinforcement for the existing timber structure, which is too weak for vertical and horizontal loads. It also accommodates the new residential uses such as the entry, interior stairs, bedrooms, and all servant spaces. The timber addition forms a cross spatial sculpture in the former hayloft. The open living space encompasses the entire former hayloft, allowing the spectacular space to be be experienced in its original condition.

All levels of the apartment are accessed via the staircase in the wooden insert. The glazing is set back from the existing building envelope and can be opened completely while encasing the historic wooden construction within. The old timber cladding can be seen in the interior of the living space as a dynamic play of light and shadow. Light passes through the slits through the old cladding and ventilation windows into the living space. Through a hinged opening in the front façade, the occupants can also enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Zurich. The private rooms above the living floor are organized in a cross configuration within the new timber addition. On the top floor, an open studio/work space is placed under the sloped roof.