Roof Extentions of the 'Im Kloster'

Property, Zurich, 2020

The landmark residence and factory building 'Im Kloster' is an important contemporary example of industrial architecture on Zurich's lakeshore, which combines elements of villa and industrial architecture.

The terraces of the attic are transformed with an architectural element, the pergola (Latin pergula: porch, extension, hut). Symmetrically, a delicate steel structure added on each side of the existing attic floor: It spans over the outdoor spaces and the planned volume of the attic apartment. With its steel beams, the extension references the industrial heritage of the building and its internal supporting structure.

The two new extensions are glazed on three sides from floor-to-ceiling. When the windows are fully open, the extensions no longer appear to be attached volumes, but as one continuous open space with the entire terrace. The materiality of the pergolas accentuates the blurring of interior and exterior. The interior timber strip flooring is continued to the exterior as an open grid, and the interior steel beams run through the exterior over the terrace.

Both terraces receive protection from the sun by the planted pergolas. Wisteria tendril over the beams and form a colourful green roof over the parapet during the summer months. The planting and the filigree steel structure give the impression of a private rooftop garden on the shores of Lake Zurich.