Car Park, Murten

competition, 2013

The cylindrical geometry of the new parking garage references the existing tower buildings of the neighbouring historic ring wall, while appearing as an autonomous public building in the urban context.

The entire building is spatially organized as a circular system. It is arranged with a central elevator, an atrium, two spiral ramps, and the exterior emergency stairs. The central elevator is functions as vertical pedestrian and disabled access. Covered walkways connect the elevator directly to the exterior parking ramp. The inner ramp is used for descending and is connected to the exterior parking ramp on every second floor. The top of the exterior parking ramp is a publicly accessible viewing terrace on the roof of the parking garage. On the outside, covered staircases connect all parking decks and provide views of the lake and the surrounding historic context. The journey of parking thus becomes an extraordinary experience for the users.

The parking garage is designed as an open concrete structure and is naturally lit and ventilated throughout all levels. A reflecting pond is placed at the inner courtyard and mirrors the opening above. With an open and efficient layout of the circulation routing, all parking levels are clearly organized thus enhancing the visitors' sense of security.